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Crime reduced as a result of Operation Kalahari Desert

Crime reduced as a result of Operation Kalahari Desert

Niël Terblanché
COOPERATION with members of the security cluster participating in the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert has improved drastically as a significant decline in incidences of crime and proliferation of dangerous weapons at the end of its first week have been reported.
Deputy Commissioner Tobie Gerber, Acting Erongo Regional Police Commander, during a special session at the Regional Police Headquarters in Walvis Bay gave feedback on the first week of Phase 2 of Operation Kalahari Desert and said support from the public is encouraging.

Video: Acting Erongo Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner Tobie Gerber, gives feedback on Operation Kalahari Desert during a briefing session on Sunday morning at the Police Headquarters in Walvis Bay. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

“Seen against the backdrop of the first phase of Operation Kalahari Desert we found much less dangerous weapons on people during stop and search activities. Over the weekend members only confiscated 18 dangerous weapons where, in the first week of the first phase of the operation, dangerous weapons found in possession of people numbered in the hundreds.”
Deputy Commissioner Gerber said since the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert started last week the positive support from the public was very good even after the fleeing robber was shot early on Saturday morning.
“As with any similar incident, it is regrettable that shots had to be fired and one person ended up in hospital but the members reacted according to the rules. They used minimum force to affect the arrest. On the other hand, the public are tired of being attacked and robbed on a daily basis in especially that area of Kuisebmond where the shooting incident occurred.”
Deputy Commissioner Gerber said standard procedures were followed in the execution of the members’ tasks.
“As in the case with the soldier, it is standard operating procedure to register a case against the law enforcement agent who fired the shot. The weapon is confiscated in order for the necessary forensic tests to be done to establish if the fire arms was indeed used to shoot the person. It forms part of the investigation and once it is completed the docket will be handed over to the Prosecutor General who ultimately decides if the law enforcement agent will be prosecuted or not,” he said.
According to Deputy Commissioner Gerber several shebeens that were operated without the necessary licensing were closed down and large amounts of liquor were confiscated. Besides having their stock confiscated the people operating the illegal liquor outlets were slapped with heavy fines.
He said two incidents of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances were reported and six illegal immigrants have been detained and were handed over to immigration officials for further processing.
Deputy Commissioner Gerber said in the coming week the operation will extended to the rural and farming areas of the Erongo Region.

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