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Man films his own suicide

Man films his own suicide

Niël Terblanché
TROUBLE with his relationship drove the 22-year-old Vallen Riguad Ockhuizen to make a video recording of the tragedy of him ending his own life on his smart phone.
According to a report about the incident provided by Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab the deceased person is thought to committed suicide between 14:38 on Wednesday and Thursday 22:00 when his lifeless body was discovered by his employer at house number 497 in Kwartz Avenue in the Tamriskia suburb of Swakopmund.

Photo: For illustrative purposes only

“According to the information on his smart phone, it appears that the deceased had relationship problems with his girlfriend. The deceased also made a video of himself by positioning his phone camera in such a manner to record himself while committing suicide.”
Ockhuizen’s body was discovered by his employer who went to look for him and saw the deceased person hanging in the kitchen of his house through one of the windows.
According to the report the door of the Ockhuizen’s room was locked from the inside and the only way officials could reach him was when the Swakopmund Fire Brigade in the presence of the police broke down the door.
No foul play is suspected as Ockhuizen recorded the entire tragic set of events.

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