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Missing man miraculously survives five days in the desert

Missing man miraculously survives five days in the desert

Niël Terblanché
THE family of the young man from Zambia, who went missing on Sunday night from the spot where his brother parked his long distance transport truck near Sea Point in Walvis Bay, gathered at the Walvis Bay State Hospital to rejoice at his miraculous return.
The 21-year-old Peter Cardoso Junior Tishwa was found while wandering in the desert behind the dunes near the road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on Friday morning. He survived for five days in the harsh conditions of the Namib Desert without any food or water.
Bravery Mazovo, an uncle of Cardoso, said the immediate family, which includes the young man’s mother, travelled to Namibia to be in Walvis Bay when he was found.
“When we heard that Peter was missing, we started praying and fasting even while travelling to Walvis Bay. We kept on fasting and praying until this morning because we suddenly knew he would be found today. When we were contacted and informed that he was found we knew God gave us a miracle,” Mazovu said.

Pictured: Peter Cardoso Junior Tishwa in a wheelchair at the Walvis Bay State Hospital after he was found in the desert on Friday morning. He survived for almost five days without any food or water. – Photo: Niël Terblanché

People in the employ of Spot-On Catering from Walvis Bay saw the young man on Friday morning when he wandered into their midst while they were busy setting up a tent for a special event about half way between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay behind the dunes.
According to Lizane Thiersen, a manager at Spot-On, one of the women working in the desert saw the young man walking up to them and she asked him where he came from.
“He was mumbling incoherently and they saw that he was in a bad physical state. All they could hear him saying was something about a film. They gave him some water to drink and loaded him in the back of a bakkie. She phoned me to find out if there was a film crew in the desert who might have left someone behind.”
Thiersen said she started calling around and eventually found out that it was indeed the young man that went missing from the truck yard in Walvis Bay about a week ago.
“When I called our worker again she told me that they were on their way back to Walvis Bay with the young man and that he lost consciousness. I told her who he was and asked her to take him to the state hospital so that he could get to medical help.”
Mazovu said that when he and the family members first saw his nephew at the hospital he was still unable to speak.
“We all gathered around him to pray for him and suddenly he could speak again. He was very hungry and very weak. He was also very cold and had a thick blanket around his shoulders.”
After receiving emergency medical treatment for extreme dehydration and exposure Cardoso was placed in a general ward where he spent most of the day recuperating.
Cardoso is still too weak to walk on his own and has to be pushed around in a wheel chair by one of his uncles or his mother, who has not left his bedside since he was found.

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