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Kauta labelled ‘Idi Amin’ of Football

Kauta labelled ‘Idi Amin’ of Football

Aili Iilonga

NAMIBIA Premier League (NPL) Chairman, Patrick Kauta, has been labelled the big bad wolf by numerous club executives in the premier league over his “autocratic ways” in running the NPL ship.

This has reportedly resulted in some clubs calling for his immediate resignation.

The likes of Tigers, Citizens, Civics, Black Africa, Might Gubnners, Orlando Pirates, Young African and Julinho Sporting are calling for the immediate resignation of Kauta as Chairman. 

One executive member of the NPL Board of Governance (BoG) in particular, Victor Hamunyela, came out as a one-man show to reveal his grievances over his turbulent relation with Kauta and his supposed discrimination and exclusion from Exco decisions in the NPL. 

Hamunyela, who is a top official affiliated with Civics club, said that aside from him being removed from the Exco WhatsApp group, he has also been denounced as a member of the Exco,  a decision which he says is unconstitutional and shows Kauta’s “Idi Amin style of ruling.”

Hamunyela today said at a press conference that he is not party to the current dispute logged by the NPL against the NFA over the Normalisation Committee’s decision not to promote nor relegate the three bottom teams, namely Civics, Orlando Pirates and Young African.

“Our football was abnormal and as such, FIFA appointed the NC to normalise the abnormal situation we found ourselves in. Now, if we do not even respect the decision of FIFA, which is the highest football governing body, then who do we respect?” he asked. 

He said that the decision by the NPL to refer a dispute is in violation of article 53 of the NPL, as it prohibits members, players or coaches to seek recourse in a court of law or administrative tribunal on any issue.

“Any disagreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of NFA, the arbitration tribunal recognised by NFA or the court of arbitration of sport which is based in Lausame. So I do not see the need to have the Namibia Sports Commission to consider being a mediator for the dispute,” he said.

Hamunyela further said that Kauta’s persuasive actions are self-suicidal and distractive towards the betterment of the league.

He also mentioned that the decision of the Disciplinary Committee on the demotion of Young African from the league has not been “implemented as decided as the points forfeited benefited a wrong team as oppose to what the decision reads.”

“The attitude of the chairperson towards the members of the NC at the NFA should not be used as a barrier to commence football. In deed Mr Kauta is part of the dismissed Exco of the NFA. The time has come to request you to relinquish the chair as your stay will put the name of the NPL at dispute as you have caused division within the NPL membership and overall you have no mandate from the second highest decision making body of NPL BoG,” he concluded.

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