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Parents outraged by teacher’s abuse of kids

Parents outraged by teacher’s abuse of kids

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Marthina Mutanga
CONCERNED parents in Rehoboth are outraged because of an incident where a teacher at a school in town was recorded on video while she was slapping preprimary school children in the face.
They asked the principal to take serious action against the teacher but in the end the teacher in question was only issued with a written warning. The concerned parents however felt that is unfair because this teacher will repeat her behaviour.
“The children were traumatized and do not want to attend school because of the behavior of the teacher toward the kids,” said one concerned mother.
The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has with great shock viewed the video circulating on various social media platforms in which a teacher is seen assaulting and manhandling a learners in her classroom.
Absalom Absalom, the Public Relations Officer of Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture said the Ministry strongly condemns any form of abuse, corporal punishment, bullying or violence in schools, as policy guidelines are available in this regard.
The Code of Conduct for Teaching Service, states that a teacher ”may not administer corporal punishment or any other degrading punishment on a learner’’ as stipulated on the Code of Conduct for Teaching Service.
Absalom said having failed to comply with the Code of Conduct, the specific teachers’ actions constitutes misconduct and an immediate preliminary investigation will be done and the normal disciplinary process will be followed as per the regulations of the Public Service Act. In the meantime, the Hardap Directorate of Education is attending to the matter.

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