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Operation Kalahari Desert launched in Erongo

Operation Kalahari Desert launched in Erongo

Niël Terblanché
UNRULY and disrespectful behavior towards police officers and soldiers during the execution of crime fighting duties will not be tolerated from members of the public during the carying out of the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert in the Erongo Region.
Members of the Namibian Police, the Namibian Defence Force, Municipal law enforcement and civilian community safety groups have joined up once more to participate in the joint crime fighting operation.
The acting Erongo Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner Tobias Gerber, delivered the message of the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, who launched the joint crime combating initiative earlier this week in Windhoek and told the members assembled in the parade that they must execute their tasks with diligence.

Video: Deputy Commissioner Tobias Gerber, acting Erongo Regional Police Commander, addressing participants of the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

Deputy Commissioner Gerber thanked the soldiers, other law enforcement agencies and the civilian component of participants for their willingness to assist with the gigantic task of combating crime in the region and added that participants in the operation should not be intimidated by careless allegations on social media platforms.
“The truth is easily distorted on social media. Ensure that your conduct is exemplary and that the rules are followed. Let’s enforce the law when crimes are committed and exercise control when confronted by undisciplined and unruly people,” Gerber said
Lieutenant General Ndeitunga during the national launch of the joint crime combating operation on Monday said that the maintenance of law and order is an issue of national importance which can only be achieved through joint crime prevention efforts such as Operation Kalahari desert.
“I should emphasize that effective crime prevention can be achieved when leaders, communities and individual citizens join the efforts of our security agencies to ensure that there will be no safe haven for criminals in the Land of the Brave.”
Participants in the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert have undergone an intensive induction particularly on the conduct, roles and rules of engagement during the execution of their duties.
Deputy Commissioner Gerber echoed the Inspector General when he cautioned the public that law enforcers will not tolerate unruly or provocative behavior. He further requested the public to cooperate with officers and to act with due respect that will ensure that respect will be reciprocated.

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