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Fleeing armed robber injured during accident

Fleeing armed robber injured during accident

Niël Terblanché
AN armed robber fleeing from the scene where he stabbed a man that was busy cutting grass in the hills on the northern outskirts of Windhoek to sell next to the road, was struck by a motorcycle while crossing the busy Western Bypass in the vicinity of the Van Eck Power Station.
The Khomas Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas, confirmed the strange incident where some of the poorest of the poor members of society were robbed while trying to make an honest living from selling fodder to passing farmers.

It is alleged that the fleeing man that was struck by the motorcycle along with two other men held a husband and wife at knife point while robbing them of their hard earned cash. In the process the the husband was stabbed in the neck by one of the armed men and they fled over the busy highway.
Unbeknownst to the fleeing robbers a group of bikers was on their way to Windhoek and they ran in front of the approaching motorcycles. One of bikers was unable to avoid a collision with one of the running men.
According to a one of the first responders that attended the accident scene the woman approached the medics and law enforcement officials and told them that her husband was stabbed in the neck and that he also needs medical assistance.
Deputy Commissioner Agas confirmed that the robber that was struck by the motorcycle sustained a broken leg and was taken to the Katutura State Hospital where he is under police guard.
The stabbing victim was also transported by ambulance to the same hospital while the biker only sustained less serious injuries.
The police are still looking for the two remaining armed robbers.

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