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Uis brick company hits a wall

Uis brick company hits a wall

Niël Terblanché
THE knock-on effect of the current slump in the Namibian economy has hit the construction industry extremely hard and thousands of workers have been retrenched as a result.
The slowdown in construction carried over to brick manufacturers and as a result many such businesses were also forced to restructure or close down.
In this regard employees of Namclay Bricks in Uis, the makers of unique fired clay bricks, were formally informed that the company needs to restructure to avoid complete closure.

According to a representative of Namclay Bricks, employees of the company received letters in this regard and ever since the management have informed employees that retrenchment will be avoided at all cost.
“Namclay Bricks is definitely not closing down. We issued all employees with letters in accordance with the Namibian Labour Act and have since engaged with every one of the workers and their union representative to discuss the various avenues that could be followed to avoid retrenchment at all cost,” Laurette Weitz said.
Weitz indicated that possible measures might include reduced working hours and possible pay cuts for all workers, but that nothing definite has been decided yet. She said the way forward will be determined during the next meeting with employees that scheduled for next week.
The brick manufacturer have been the economic mainstay of the town since 2006 after the old tin-mine closed down in 1991. The company utilises the clay in the old mining pits to manufacture the easily recognisable bricks. The operation also aims rehabilitate the old mine.
The closure of Namclay Bricks will have catastrophic repercussions for the local economy of the tiny town at the foot of the Brandberg in the Namib Desert.

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