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Man faces culpable homicide charge after poisoning incident

Man faces culpable homicide charge after poisoning incident

Niël Terblanché
THE 38-year-old Thomas Katakula died as a result of alleged accidental poisoning after one of his housemates placed one kilogramme of pesticide in the shack they shared.
According to Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab’s report about the incident, Kamungu Henock Nehongo spread or placed a large amount of the poison inside the ghetto at house number 6584 in Kilimanjaro Street, Kuisebmond. Nehongo shared the house with three other people and placed the poison to kill insects on Thursday.

Pictured: The can of insect poison which was used in a ghetto and possibly caused the death of one person. – Photo: Courtesy of the Namibian Police.

“When Nehongo came back from work at about 08:00 on Saturday morning he found one of his friends dead and another one unconscious. He requested the owner of the house to take them to the state hospital where the two were admitted for medical attention.”
Nehongo shares the ghetto with three men and a woman, who is a girlfriend of one of his friends.
The 21-year-old Maria Shipanga and the 38-year-old Tomas Ithindi were admitted to hospital in a stable condition.
Katakula’s body was taken to Police Mortuary in Walvis Bay for the purposes of a post mortem examination to determine whether the deceased indeed died as a result of poisoning in order to register a culpable homicide case.

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