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Emotional send off for young Danelle

Emotional send off for young Danelle

Niël Terblanché
TEARS flowed freely when young Danelle Mouton’s mother, Ingrid, took Esmerelda Benz by the hand and forgave her for the death of her child during the young girl’s funeral earlier on Saturday.
Family and friends gathered at the cemetery to pay their final respects to the 11-year-old girl who died tragically when she was hit by an out of control car while she and her two sisters were walking down a street in the Kuvukiland neighbourhood of Rehoboth about two weeks ago.
Members of the Karate Zen Dojo, of which Danelle was a very active member in Rehoboth, gave a special demonstration kata to which they connected special and symbolic meaning and acted as pall bearers.
According to Shihan Gert Husselman, members of the dojo first bowed down in respect for their friend Danelle. There after the moves they executed symbolised that they loved her, that they are hesitant to let her go and that her memory will stay with them.
“A last grabbing move symbolised that they wanted to hold on to their friend but the blocking motion of the move symbolised giving her the freedom to move on before bowing down in respect one last time.”
Husselman remembered little Danelle as a small but strong ambassador for the sport she loved.
“Her untimely death caused ripples throughout the country. We will always remember her for her fighting spirit and her dedication.”

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