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ACC looking for absconded persons

ACC looking for absconded persons

Niël Terblanché
The Anti-corruption Commission urgently requested the public to assist them in tracing two persons accused of corruption, who skipped bail and absconded from standing trial.
The ACC is looking for Brown Abraham, also known as Rasta, ID Number 75011200108 and Thomas Ipinge ID Number 92011400961.
Abraham is an accused person in a corruption case involving an amount of N$4 945 057 and has been absent from the Windhoek Regional Court since October 2018. His last known address was Erf 1164 Blok E Rehoboth. He is the owner of Brown Nekongo Investment and was arrested on June 2014. He was released on bail of N$30 000 and failed to appear in court on15 October 2018 and again on 25 October 2018.
A warrant of arrest was issued for him and the case was postponed until 25 October 2019.
Ipinge is wanted in connection with a corruption case being investigated by the ACC for contravening Section 35(1)(a) of the Anti-corruption Act
According to the ACC his last known address was house 143 in the Usab Location in Karibib when he was employed by K Neumeyer Civil Contractors at the Desert Lion Mine outside the town. He also stayed at house number 1928 in the Tseiblaagte neighbourhood of Keetmanshoop but it is not known where he currently resides. He is originally from Oshakati.
In connection with Abraham the ACC requested Brown or any person who might know his whereabouts to contact Mr. J. Ipinge at 061 435 4000 or 081 271 9452, Mrs. J Kanyangela at 081 127 7486 or the nearest police station.
In Connection with Ipinge, he or any person who might know here he is must contact Mr. W. Kurtz at 064 418 309 or 081 128 4917, Frieda Kanyama at 081 292 9480 or the nearest police station.

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