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Man guilty of slaying girlfriend

Man guilty of slaying girlfriend

Eba Kandovazu
JOHNY Diergaardt was found guilty in the Windhoek High Court for the cold blooded murder of the mother of his child.
The incident occurred four years ago at his rented flat in Khomasdal, right in front of the couple’s then two year old son.
Diergaardt stabbed the 22-year-old Tanita Lewin 27 times in front of her son, who reportedly fought back. The little boy managed to stab the convicted person in his thigh, in a bid to stop him from killing his mother.
Diergaardt was examined by three psychiatrists, who all found that he was fit to stand trial and that he had no diminished psychological capacity at the time of the killing.

Photo: Johny Diergaardt in the Windhoek High Court after his conviction. – Photo: Eba Kandovazu

During his trial the convicted person informed the court that although he stabbed her, he had no recollection of the number of times he stabbed her.
Judge Nate Ndauendapo found that the accused acted with direct intent when he stabbed and killed the woman.
Lawyer Borris Isaacs during trial maintained that the murder was not premeditated or planned because when Lewin arrived at Diergaardt’s flat an argument erupted, that he was asleep when she arrived and that an ‘unconscious rage’ drove him to carry out the murder.
It was further the defense’s case that the now convicted murderer found himself in a moment of weakness when he killed the woman.
It is alleged that four knives were used in the commissioning of the offense, of which one blade had broken off in the deceased person’s skull.
The matter returns to court in October for presentencing procedures.

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