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Three arrested at Ongwediva for theft at ATM

Three arrested at Ongwediva for theft at ATM

Video: A large crowd surrounds and berates three men arrested for stealing a woman’s money from an ATM in the Oshana Mall in Ongwediva. – Footage: Contributed

Placido Hilukilwa
THREE suspected thieves were arrested at Ongwediva this afternoon after they allegedly tried to steal money from a commercial bank client who made a mistake in the process of withdrawing N$3 000 from an Automatic Teller Machine, giving the suspected thieves a window of opportunity to run off with her money.
The incident occurred in the Oshana Mall, a short distance from the Trustco office at Ongwediva.
According to Detective Chief Inspector Hamukoshi Kamati, a young lady was withdrawing N$3 000 from an ATM and was notified on her cell phone that the amount was indeed withdrawn, but when the automatic teller machine failed to provide the money immediately she retrieved her bank card and left. However, in a split second she looked back and saw the man who moments earlier stood behind her in the queue removing the cash from the ATM before speeding off.
She made alarm and three men, who were fleeing from the business complex to their getaway car, were apprehended by private security guards and members of the public.
Kamati said that the money was recovered and the three men were arrested and taken to the nearby Ongwediva Police Station. Their getaway car was also confiscated.

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