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Compensate occupants first

Compensate occupants first

Maria David
MINISTER of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga, has warned town councils that sells land to business owners without paying off the occupants first and said that such practices are against all compensation policies.

Pictured: Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga. Photo: Contributed

Mushelenga said he was disappointed by town councils where local authorities is proclaimed, while the process of negotiation is underway and they are still negotiating with prospective buyers that want to buy the land to develop it, saying that is wrong and not allowed.
“First compensate the occupants before you start selling,” said Mushelenga.
According to him, those that are in the land to be proclaimed as local authority property does not compensate for the land, but for the improvement made on the land as land belongs to the State.
Mushelenga also noted that as time goes on, the policy is being reviewed and when policy change it does not mean that one show come claim for payments.
“Misunderstanding also occur with the local authorities were they ask occupants if they want to stay on the land that they will be compensated or relocating. One can’t ask such a question,” said Mushelenga, adding that one is only allocated two plots anyway if they opt not to move.
He said that those two plots are not given free, but deducted on the amount which one is supposed to be paid as compensation.

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