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Self-confessed child rapist pleads guilty on all charges

Self-confessed child rapist pleads guilty on all charges

Staff Reporter

THE 52-year-old Jeremiah van Wyk, accused of kidnapping from the Blinkogies Day Care Centre in Khomasdal and then raping a five-year-old girl on Thursday, has entered a guilty plea on all charges against him when he made an appearance today in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court.

Van Wyk was arrested in Shangai Street on Thursday evening after the parents of the victim mobilised the community to search for her after she was abducted from the day care centre. The fact that she was raped was only discovered after an examination by a medical doctor confirmed the worst fears of the anxious parents.

Pictured: Jeremiah van Wyk pleaded guilty on charges of rape, abduction and kidnapping in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court earlier today. – Photo: File

While appearing at the Katutura Magistrtate’s Court before magistrate Atutala Shikalepo, van Wyk indicated that he would represent himself during proceedings and stated that he would like to enter a guilty plea so as to not waste the court’s time. 

After pleading guilty on the count of rape and the second count of abduction with the alternative charge of kidnapping, van Wyk went on to describe the events as they unfolded in gruesome detail.

“I do not wish to waste the court’s time. I am guilty on all charges. I understand all the charges and therefore plead guilty,” the self-confessed rapist stated while under oath.

He further stated: “I am guilty because I took the child and I know what I did was wrong and that is why I am guilty. I fingered (sic) the child around Friday and I was a little drunk. I took her from Khomasdal and I took her to Katutura.”

“I could not insert my penis there, in her private parts, so I fingered her. I was drunk and I was drugged. It was just one time and then I realised what I was doing was wrong so I walked away,” he told the presiding officer.

Van Wyk further told the court that when he took the minor from the pre-school, his intention was not to sexually assault her, but he did admit that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“I took her because I was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Even under the influence of drugs and alcohol, I knew what I was doing was wrong and unlawful. I knew I was going to be punished for that. Had I not used the drugs I would haven’t have done it,” he said.

“I admit guilt as far as my finger is concerned. My penis did not go in there. That is why I left her there. I tried to insert my penis into her vagina but I realised it could not fit. During all this, she screamed and yelled that I was causing her pain with my finger,” the convicted rapist and murderer informed the court.

Magistrate Shikalepo informed van Wyk that the Court is not satisfied that he admitted to all the elements of the charges.   

“The elements of the charges are that you inserted your private parts into the child’s private parts and you denied this by saying you only fingered her. That is a crucial element that you inserted your finger instead of your private parts, which you deny,” said Shikalepo.

On the abduction charge, van Wyk admitted that he called the victim from her kindergarten and that he went with her. He admitted that he deprived the victim of her liberty of movement by unlawfully removing her from her day care centre. 

“I lied to her. I wasn’t truthful to the child. My aim was not to go and kill her. I just wanted to rape her,” van Wyk said.

On the alternative charge of kidnapping Van Wyk said: “I committed the offense and when the drugs wore off, I knew I was going to be found guilty. I did not tell her where we were going. She asked where we were going and I told her to just come with me.”

Van Wyk informed the Court that he was with the victim for approximately eight hours until he was arrested and the young victim was taken to the hospital.

The presiding prosecutor informed the court that the State objects to bail on the grounds that certain aspects in the investigation are still outstanding, the seriousness of the offence and the immense public interest in the matter.

Magistrate Shikalepo remanded the self-confessed rapist in custody and postponed the matter to 19 November 2019 in order for the police to finalise its investigations.

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