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Prostitution decline in Oshikango- Nghipangelwa

Prostitution decline in Oshikango- Nghipangelwa

Maria David
THE difficult economic circumstances in Namibia and Angola have left many sex workers without steady income causing many to become born again Christians and finding other means of survival in the border town of Oshikango in the Ohangwena Region.
It was reported that sex workers at the border town have resorted to negotiating with customers who are unwilling to pay more than N$20 for a ‘quickie’ and N$150 for a full night’s service.
The Mayor of Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, said that prostitution in the town of Oshikango has declined dramatically, due to economic downturn that the country is currently experiencing.

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According to Nghipangelwa, the decline is caused by some of the businesses that has closed down, as in the past business used to boom and now it has resulted in a lower number of people being sex workers.
“I don’t really see them a lot in the town, as a result of some of the businesses that closed down,” said Nghipangelwa.
A local business person Informant spoke to, Vangeileni Ruben said that sex workers have become born again, with the establishment of new revival churches in the town and have led to the decrease in the number of sex workers.
He also stated that many of the rental room has become too expensive to rent for a night, as it can cost up to N$900 for a single night, and nobody is able to afford the prices.
“We sometimes want to go even two or more nights, but rooms are expensive,” he stated.

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