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Business slowly recovering in Oshikango

Business slowly recovering in Oshikango

Maria David
Business in Oshikango continues to thrive despite a sharp decline in the cross-border trade.
The Mayor of Helao Nafidi Town, Eliaser Nghipangelwa said he had to rebuke recent reports in the media that business at Oshikango is declining on a daily basis despite the kind of business people do.
He admitted that it was true cross-border businesses have been affected, which resulted in the closure of some of the businesses at the time, but not recently.
“We have so many shops and complexes which was open at the time when the economy was already collapsing,” he said.
According to the mayor, they have businesses that are expanding currently and some investors who buy plots from others and they are also expanding their businesses.

Photo by Maria David

“It’s not really true to say there is no business that is not doing well in Oshikango, only the ones that do import and export are not doing well,” he cited.
Nghipangelwa explained that local businesses in the town are doing failry well and there was no year like the current year where business people had Namibians coming to Oshikango to do shopping.
He added that there are many business people in the town and they have many businesses which had closed and many has opened after those that closed down, with Namibian businesses ventures in the town not abandoning their businesses.
Concurring with Nghipangelwa, Piet Moller, Northern Area Manager of the Unifood Store, said that their businesses have only started picking up from last year on a very slow pace compared to previous years.
Moller stated that he moved to Oshikango for greener pasture seven years ago due to the economic downturn but he said that his business is not doing that badly at the moment.
“Some two or three years back we made no profit and lost millions of dollars, but it started picking up as from last year and until now we have not recorded any losses,” he said.
Moller added that their customers suffer to survive also due to the bad economy that affected a lot of people, as the buying masses have no cash flow like before.

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