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Rubbish dump might be relocated

Rubbish dump might be relocated

Maria David
Mayor of Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, during the media briefing held at the town on Thursday, indicated that his council is planning to relocate the town’s dumping site, following complains by residents living around it.
Nghipangelwa said residents have demanded the dumpsite to be closed down, arguing that it is in the middle of residential area and as such causes health hazard.
He explained that the council used to burn the rubbish at the site, but the council stopped after complains made by the residents.

“The dumping site is a challenge, it has been there before some of us became part of the town leadership and therefore we concur with the community complains and we are considering the establishment of a new site,” said Nghipangelwa.
However, Nghipangelwa has express disappointment that the same town residents are unwilling to vacate the area which has been identified for the establishment of the new dumping site.
He stated that council can’t put up a dumping site if people are not prepared to vacate the area.
One of the affected residents Ndahafa Natanael told the media that the smoke from the burning waste on the site is causing them havoc.
“We no longer sleep well due to such smoke and we are scared of being affected by diseases such as coughing and eye problems,” said Natanael.
Council continues to convince residents in the vicinity of the identified site for the new dumping site to understand the situation and pave way.

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