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Ondonga king lends a helping hand

Ondonga king lends a helping hand

Placido Hilukilwa
KING Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo of the Ondonga Traditional Community visited the Ohamaye Primary School in the Eengodi Constituency of the Oshikoto Region recently, bringing good news not only to the school but also to the impoverished residents of that rural area.
He promised to provide a bigger solar power system to electrify the school and the teacher’s houses replacing the existing one which is said to be too small and inadequate.

Pictured: Standing from left to right: Fillemon Vatilifa, Omutonda school principal Diogenus Mukundja, inspector of education Herman Angula, King Shuumbwa Nangolo, education deputy director Elizabeth Mwaala, Eengodi constituency councilor Protasius Neshuku and retired education inspector Nicky Uugwanga. Front row: school principals Lukas Mwadile, Hossian Haitanwa and Petrus Nakanyala. Photo: Contributed

King Nangolo, who on 29 June was officially crowned as the new king of Ondonga, also addressed the issue of learners from the local San community who drop out of school due to poverty and hunger. He offered such children free accommodation in his Onambango Palace.
He requested education officials to register all such learners, transfer them to his palace and arrange their placement in schools a walking distance from the palace.
“This is good news to us all,” said Herman Angula, the Onkumbula Circuit inspector of education.
He confirmed that learners from the local San community do indeed drop out of school either due to poverty and hunger or because their nomadic families have relocated.
He said that education officials have already kick-started a process of tracing the learners who dropped out of school and to speak to their parents before arranging their placement in schools in the vicinity of the Onambango palace.

Pictured: From left to right is teacher Fellep Angala, retired inspector of education Nicky Uugwanga, King Shuumbwa Nangolo, Mrs. Uugwanga and teachers Lucia Kafita and Foibe Newayu. Photo: Contributed

King Nangolo was moved when he learned that a child drowned in a water well in the nearby Evale village the same day he was visiting the Ohamaye Primary School. He promptly promised to provide a solar-powered water pump to the community to alleviate their daily struggle to get water.
Nangolo visited the Ohamaye School accompanying his personal friend and member of the Ondonga Traditional Authority, traditional councillor Kashona Ka Malulu, who was paying a courtesy call after one of the schools’ four classrooms was named after him.
The King’s entourage was joined by the Onkumbula Circuit inspector of education Herman Angula and principals and teachers from neighbouring schools.
An impromptu collection of money to support the school did generate about N$9,000.

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