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63 Hippos stuck in pond as water dries up

63 Hippos stuck in pond as water dries up

Eba Kandovazu

THE current drought situation in the country is bringing with it severe problems not only for farmers but for aquatic creatures, with a total of 63 hippos reportedly currently stuck in a pond that forms part of the Chobe river in the Zambezi region.

According to Environment ministry Spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, the hippos are struggling to find their way into deep waters from the mud.

Photo for illustration purposes

“The river is drying out and breaking into little ponds of water. The level of water is becoming shallow, which calls for an intervention between Namibia and Botswana.  We are looking to either drill pumps to fill the ponds with water or relocate the hippos to another part of the river. If not, we hope that the hippos will move themselves due to the worsening condition,” Muyunda said.

He maintained that the ministry will continue monitoring the hippos while discussions with Botswana are ongoing.

An undisclosed number of crocodiles have also been observed in the pond, he added.

A helicopter assessment will be conducted in the coming weeks to verify if there are similar situations of animal creatures being stuck in mud elsewhere in the Zambezi and Kavango regions.

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