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‘Struggle Kids’ demand veteran status

‘Struggle Kids’ demand veteran status

UP IN ARMS: Struggle Kids – Footage: Eba Kandovazu

Eba Kandovazu
ABOUT sixty Children of the Liberation Struggle, who are also referred to as ‘Struggle Kids’, this morning took to the streets of Windhoek to demand that they be registered under the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and not the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service where they are currently registered.
The group addressed their petition to Cabinet Secretariat Deputy Director, Johannes Haiyambo.
“We know that we are true dependents of living and deceased veterans and we deserve to be treated as such. We will not give up on this issue until we are registered under the war veterans’ ministry as rightful dependents of living or deceased veterans. Our parents sacrificed their lives to liberate Namibia,” Shiimi said.
Women with children on their backs formed part of the demonstration from Katutura to central Windhoek. The group is demanding that cabinet to provide them with a satisfactory answer and explain why the registrations are currently under the youth ministry.
“We want to know who was then registered as dependents of living or deceased veterans under the promulgation of veterans Act of 2008, if not us. We are placed under the wrong ministry by force. We came with our parents in the same repatriation form that drove the implementation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. Had it not been for that, none of that would be possible,” Shiimi stressed.

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