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Erongo RED helps struggling farmers with reduced electricity tariffs

Erongo RED helps struggling farmers with reduced electricity tariffs

Video: Acting Erongo RED CEO, Nico Niemand. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

Niël Terblanché

FARMERS in the Erongo Region will benefit most from a new price structure introduced by the Regional Electricity Distributor which is aimed at assisting them during the time of current devastating drought.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, Nico Niemand, announced that the price of electricity sold by the redistribution company in the Erongo Region will remain unchanged for urban customers over the next twelve months and that a reduction of ten percent in network service fees for farmers have been granted by the Electricity Control Board (ECB).

“Customers will only incur a minuscule increase on statutory tariffs in the form of the Electricity Control Board levy and National Energy Fund levy but this will only mean a two cent change in electricity prices.With regard to farmers it depends on whether they have a first, second or special supply in fixed charges, they will experience a reduction from one to six percent on their overall Erongo RED invoice for the next year,” Niemand said.

He said that farmers in the region are affected by the drought and that the ECB has granted the redistribution company permission to reduce the network service fees with ten percent.

According to Niemand the national electricity supplier, NamPower, announced a average tariff decrease of 2, 5 percent country wide during May.

“Subsequently, Erongo RED submitted an application to the ECB for a -0, 10 percent tariff adjustment for 2019/2020. The ECB granted the application for the weighted tariff adjustment and the company will pass the adjustment to all customers except for farmers. This means that the electricity price, which excludes statutory levies will, remain unchanged for the next twelve months,” he said.

Niemand also indicated that the tariffs for pensioners who are subsidised will also remain unchanged and he appealed to the elderly of the region to visit the nearest Erongo RED office to re-register to continue to receive the benefits.

“With regard to low income members of our community the tariff will only be applicable to domestic customers with the 20 Ampere connections. Those who would like to benefit from the subsidised tariff will also have to register at an Erongo RED office.”

Niemand said that the company is committed to supplement the Government’s efforts to build a robust, sustainable and prospering Namibia by the year 2030 by ensuring uninterrupted supply to the Erongo Region.

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