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Dramatic scenes as sea floods Tiger Reef

Dramatic scenes as sea floods Tiger Reef

Video: Sea water inundates the Tiger Reef Restaurant in Swakopmund. – Footage: Courtesy of Quinton Liebenberg

Niël Terblanché

ROUGH seas, riled up by winter storms over the South Atlantic Ocean, caught some coastal residents off guard and was the cause of havoc after a well known Namibian landmark, the Tiger Reef beach restaurant in Swakopmund, was inundated with waves on Tuesday.

Coatsal residents described the sea as angry as huge waves lashed large swathes of the country’s coastline. People living in the Mile 4 neighbourhood of Swakopmund had to watch helplessly as the waves ate away at the beach in front of their properties along the shoreline. In other cases motorists driving between the popular holiday town and Walvis Bay reported that huge waves were breaking close to the B2 Road in the area of Vierkantklip and that seawater spilled onto the road’s surface at some instances.

The owner of the Tiger Reef beech restaurant, Quinton Liebenberg said although the waves broke onto the open deck of the restaurant that no serious damage was caused by the sea.

“This happens almost every year during July when the winter storms lash the south western coast of the continent. This year we were more fortunate because we were already in the process of renovating that part of the restaurant where the waves broke. Most of the planking and furniture have been removed when the sea came in.”

Liebenberg said the plan is to elevate the decking about a metre above the beach to ensure that water does not flood the restaurant again.

“This year the storms came around early and gave me quick hiding, but all it means is that the plans to renovate and elevate Tiger Reef, just got rescheduled and that the project will be completed sooner.”

He explained that nature plays a big role in how the structures of the restaurant are placed and built and that he wants to keep the ambience of the restaurant as natural as possible for that specific reason.

Liebenberg said that none of his staff or patrons were injured when the sea water flooded Tiger Reef.

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