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Frosty conditions expected as intense cold front moves in

Frosty conditions expected as intense cold front moves in

Marthina Mutanga
RAIN and dust storms were reported in southern Namibia after a high intensity cold front moved over the southern part of Africa causing extremely cold weather in southern Namibia.
Residents of Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund reported rain and strong winds in their area earlier on Tuesday. Although nie official numbers are available residents of southern Namibia that up to 20 millimetres of rain have been measured in the deep south of the country.
The coastal parts of the Western and Northern Cape in South Africa have been lashed by winds up to 100 kilometres per hour over the past 24 hours. Mountain ranges in the interior of South Africa have been covered by snow for the past week as cold fronts from the Antarctic moves in over the land in short succession.
Odillo Kgobetsi Chief Forecaster of the Namibia Metrological Services said a second and very strong cold front is still on its way which is due to make landfall some time on Wednesday tomorrow bringing more rain and cold winds.
Kgobesti said the winds and rain will increase in intensity this evening and overnight in the south. Temperatures in the south will drop significantly while colder weather is expected over the central and eastern parts of Namibia tomorrow.
“It will be very cold in the morning in the south, central and eastern parts of the country tomorrow. Temperatures are expected to drop as low as two degrees Celsius while daytime temperatures in the south will range between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius.”
Kgobetsi said daytime temperatures will range between 18-23 degrees Celsius in the central and eastern regions while temperatures further north will rise as high as 31 degrees Celsius. The weather forecaster said warmer weather can again be expected from Thursday onwards.

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