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Additional artifact added on late chief’s tombstone

Additional artifact added on late chief’s tombstone

Marthina Mutanga
During the commemoration of the Red Flag Day (Otjiserandu), this past weekend in Okahandja Chief Sam Kambazembi of the Kambazembi Royal traditional Authority said they have added an additional artifact on the tombstone of the late Chief Kuima Riruako.
Kambazembi said the late Chief Riruako who passed away on 2 June 2014 was a Namibian politician and the paramount chief of the Herero people. He served as a National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) representative in Parliament.
“We added the head and hooves of the cow that was slaughtered at the funeral of the late chief and shoes and a statue of the late chief,” said Kambazembi.
The late Chiefs Riruako, Hosea Kutako and Clemens Kapuuo are among those buried at the Ovaherero Heroes’ Cemetery in Okahandja.
Ovaherero Traditional Authority Secretary General, Professor Mujinde Katjiua said because of unnecessary fights between different traditional authorities during a previous event Red Flag Day will henceforth be celebrated on birthday of Paramount Chief Hosea Kutako.
Katjiua said to avoid squabbling, the Herero community agreed to celebrate the life of Paramount Chief Hosea Kutako on the day he passed away on 18 July 1970. The former leader of the Ovaherero people is buried alongside other Herero heroes in Okahandja.
The late Chief Hosea Katjikururume Kutako introduced Red flag Day after the return of the remains of Samuel Maharero on 23 August 1923.
Paramount Chief Samuel Maharero is remembered for calling on the Herero people to rise up against the German colonial power.

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