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German Bundesrat President visits coast

German Bundesrat President visits coast

Niël Terblanché
THE President of the German Bundesrat, Daniel Günther laid a wreath at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Swakopmund in remembrance of the genocide committed by Germany during its colonial rule of Namibia.
Günther and his delegation also paid a visit to the Port of Walvis Bay where he was informed about the Namibian Ports Authority’s plans for the future and possible investment opportunities that will be created by the new container terminal and the further development of the North Port facility.
Günther was met by Namport’s Operations Executive, Raymond Visagie, who laid out the plans of the new container terminal and how it will bring about change in the way Namibia does business with the world.
Besides the increase in capacity that will be brought about by the inauguration of the new container terminal, built on reclaimed land in the ocean and the creation of new opportunities that increase activity in the harbour will have. Visagie also informed the German delegation that Namort is interested in the investment opportunities that will be brought about by the completion of the North Port project next year.
Visagie said investment opportunities exist in the creation of a Liquid Natural Gas terminal, a multipurpose Dry Bulk Terminal, Ship and rig repair facilities and a coal terminal.
The Bundesrat President introduced his delegation to the senior management of Namport and opened the floor for questions from the business delegation accompanying him and said that the part of northern Germany where they come from has a big interest in the development of maritime business.
The business delegation seemed to be interested in the establishment of vocational training facilities, what possibilities exist in the envisaged LNG terminal and what can be done to improve hinterland logistics. Another question related to the establishment of power generation through the use of sun light and wind.
Günther visted the coast after paying a courtesy visit to State House and addressing the National Council earlier this week.

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