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Ill discipline cause of high drop-out rate

Ill discipline cause of high drop-out rate

Maria David
OSHANA Regional governor, Elia Irimari, has instructed schools, parents and caregivers to start working together to ensure no child drops out of school.
Irimari, instruction follows after the region recorded a total of 130 learners dropping out of school during the first term.
So far a total of 34 learners dropped out of school for unknown reason, followed by 15 learners transferred, while 14 learners left school after they lost interest.
“A total of 13 learners left school to search for jobs, one of which was reported having successfully secured a job,” said Irimari.
Meanwhile, 8 of the learners had dropped out because of pregnancy-related issues and four other learners died during the term and three of the learners were unaccounted for.
Furthermore, across the region, 48 learners were reported suspended for various offenses during the first term, with some learners having multiple infractions reported such as insulting teachers and disrupting classes.
“The most common reason for learners’ suspension was fighting of 15 learners and bullying of 10 learners, then disrupting behavior which infringes on learning and teaching, drug or tobacco use and theft by 6 learners,” cited Irimari.
Irimari, noted that the discipline of learners has become a serious obstacle that is preventing teachers from teaching effectively.
He asked on parents and caregivers to instill values of kindness, respect and discipline in the children.

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