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Ondangwa businesswoman robbed in broad daylight

Ondangwa businesswoman robbed in broad daylight

Placido Hilukilwa
AN Ondangwa-based business woman was this morning robbed of a cash amount of N$60 000 which she intended to deposit in her business bank account at the Northern town.
According to the police’s Oshana regional crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commissioner Hilya Haipumbu, the incident happened literally at the door of a commercial bank where she was going to deposit the money.
She said that four men attacked the businesswoman while she was still seated in her vehicle in the parking area, smashing the vehicle’s windows, threatened her with a knife and grabbed the cash before fleeing from the scene.
“What is really lamentable is that there were several onlookers who did nothing to help the victim. What our people need to know is that the criminals might not attack you today, but you can be the target tomorrow,” she said.
The money was not recovered and no one was arrested so far.

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