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Nepando faction surrenders office keys to Regional Governor

Nepando faction surrenders office keys to Regional Governor

Placido hilukilwa
THE faction of the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) that forcibly occupied the Oluno tribal offices with the assistance of the Namibian Police in 2017 and was opposed to the recent installation of Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo as new king of Ondonga, appears to have thrown in the towel.
It was reported that senior leaders of the Oluno faction that supported the crowning of Konis Eino Kalenga as new king of Ondonga Amupanda closed the office complex and handed the keys to the Oshana Regional Governor on Monday, an act that Governor Elia Irimari described as “voluntary”.
Governor Irimari said that officials from his office were sent to the OTA’s Oluno offices to collect a Government vehicle when one of the faction leaders Nepando Amupanda volunteered to also hand over the office keys.
Irimari pointed out that proper procedures for handing over an office were not followed and that his office is currently communicating with the relevant ministries before deciding on the way forward.
Kashona Malulu, the de facto spokesperson of the OTA, lamented the fact that those who two years ago used “brutal force” to occupy the Oluno office with much fanfare, have now left silently.
“They cannot leave just like that,” he said, adding that the Nepando faction will have to account for all their actions during the time of their illegal occupation of the Ondonga community offices.
Nepando could not be reached for comment as his cell phone appeared to be off.

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