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HIV treatment increased in Ohangwena

HIV treatment increased in Ohangwena

Maria David
THE number of people on Anti-Retroviral Treatment has increased from 24 996 to 29 172 people battling with HIV.
This was revealed during the Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa during his State of the Region Address. He said the increase does not reflect an increase in a number of new infections, but rather an increase in the number of people becoming aware of their HIV/AIDS status.
Nghaamwa noted that the increase was a result of improved access to health facilities and awareness campaigns to reduce the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Meanwhile, the mother to child HIV/AIDS Transmission Prevention Measures have also been successfully enforced.
“During the period under review, out of 768 babies born to HIV/AIDS positive mothers, only four babies acquired HIV/AIDS from their mothers. This is because of the intervention done before and during pregnancies as well as after delivery,” said Nghaawa.
Another intervention in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic, Nghaamwa, said is male circumcision campaign, leaving 4 643 males circumcised during the financial year 2018/19.
He urged all men who are not yet circumcised to follow suit in order to reduce new HIV infections.
Furthermore, the region recorded a decreased in Tuberculosis and malaria.
The number of people diagnosed with TB dropped from 1 107 to 1 078 people during the period under review. While malaria cases dropped from 1 711 to 342 the financial year 2018/19.
“This is about 66 percent reduction; it is still heart breaking to have lost one person to this disease. In door residual spray was 88 percent successful,” cited Nghaamwa.
Nghaamwa, stated that there are still community members refusing for their houses to be sprayed and sometimes the houses are found locked making it impossible for spray operators to go in and spray.


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