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Education building project unfinished

Education building project unfinished

Maria David
THE regional education directorate in the Ohangwena Regions is renting office space in a building that was abandoned by the construction contractor before it was completed.
The Governor of the Ohangwena Region, Usko Nghamwa, said despite all achievements of region, the regional council is still faced with challenges on infrastructure development.
Nghamwa, said during his State of the Region Address read on his behalf that he was dismayed by some of the contractor that have been empowered but are unable to deliver as promised.
“Poor workmanship and substandard work and some are even abandoning capital projects such as the directorate of education regional office and the construction of Onanghulo clinic,” said Nghamwa.

Photo by Maria David

According to Nghamwa, these two projects have drained government coffers and continue to do so, especially the regional education offices as staff has been renting offices at a very high price. It is still not clear as to when the project will resume.
However, Isaak Hamatwi, education director in the region, said the contractor didn’t abandon the project, but their contract was terminated.
“The Andjamba Construction company are busy contesting their termination. Once the hearing is done, then we will know when work will resume,” said Hamatwi.
Hamatwi stated that the project which is only 24 percent completed, was supposed to have been handed over in April this year.
Nghamwa called on entrepreneurs to measure their capacities and not just to go for any project that comes their way, as government resources are also limited and need to be jealously guarded by all patriotic Namibians as these are public resources that need to sustain the nation as a whole.
“There were delay implemented of certain projects due to financial constraints, as a result of the economic downturn experienced in the country. While those that have been funded are being delayed by low commitment on the side of those entrusted with the responsibilities,” he added.
Nghamwa urged people to strive to do more and learn to live within their means, as the country is experiencing a shortage of resources, especially in financial.

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