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Diamond deal gone bad?

Diamond deal gone bad?

Aili Iilonga

THREE men were arrested and charged with theft under false pretense after they swindled from an alleged unsuspecting mana total N$38 000 while pretending to be police officers assigned to the just ended Operation Kalahari Desert.

The three suspects, 37-year-old Bohitile Alberto, 43-year-old Shipena Petrus and 41-year-old Katjire Ernst are currently being held in custody at the Otjomuise police station pending their next court appearance on 25 September.

They were arrested last week Wednesday after their victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was allegedly pressured into giving them N$38 000 for having an alleged illicit diamond in his car during a staged police search.

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The victim, a 57-year-old man from Windhoek, told Informanté that he was approach by a man outside his place of work to help translate a call between him and an unknown person.

He claims that although he hesitated at first, he assisted the stranger, who afterwards asked him for a ride to the single quarters.

“When I got to the single quarters at the exact place where he wanted me to dropped him, I saw two men approaching us, and after they spoke, he also asked me to drop one at Shoprite Katutura and the other near central hospital at his house,” he said.

The victim added that while driving, he a blue Mercedes suddenly pulled him over and the three suspects claiming to be police officers approached them.

“They said that they wanted to conduct a search of my car and after that, appeared with a small white diamond,” he said.

The victim claims that the suspects “cornered me into giving them money in order to make the case go away” although he insists he was not aware of the diamond.

Although the account of the supposed victim is sketchy, he further told Informanté that he withdrew from an ATM N$33 000, and gave them an additional N$5,000 he had in the car at the time.

He further claims that after the transaction, the suspects called him again last week Tuesday demanding for more money to allegedly pay off the presiding officer in the matter, as well as the prosecutor dealing with the case.

“That’s when I got confused and knew that something was not right. I decided to open a case as it got to a point where they started to threaten my family if I do not pay up,” he claims.

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