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Okakarara to introduce prepaid water meters

Okakarara to introduce prepaid water meters

Marthina Mutanga
THE Okakarara Town Council has decided to curb water wastage and entered into talks with Namwater to introduce prepaid water meters to exercise more control over the amount of debt residents rack up.
Ehrnst Katjiku the chief executive officer Okakarara Town Councils said that the new system will help the council and property owners to control the amount of water used at certain points and prevents wastage in low-income households that cannot afford to pay for excess use of this basic need.
Katjiku said this system will also prevent residents falling into debt, which can compound in a post-paid arrangement.
The Okakarara Town Council is owed an amount of N$4 million for water by clients and has since the backlog started to become problematic introduced rationing in the town, although this has cost some people their jobs. Government intervened and paid N$2, 3 million of the outstanding amount.
Since last year, the council is only supplying residents with water from 06h00 to 10h00, and from 18h00 to 22h00 after they failed to pay the millions owed to the council. This was the council’s way of cutting down on losses.
He added that the water rationing was also a way to control the loss of water through theft of infrastructure or underground pipe leaks.
Katjiku said the actual amount residents owed the council for water and other services is actually closer to N$23 million. The amount accumulated over a number of years but now that residents understand the consequences for not paying they are catching up on outstanding debt to the town council.
The water rationing arrangement between the Okakarara Town Council and the residents has had a detrimental effect on the the development of certain projects.

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