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Brave Gladiators ready for Women’s Cosafa

Brave Gladiators ready for Women’s Cosafa

Aili Iilonga

THE Brave Gladiators is slowly steading the ship in preparations for the upcoming Women’s Cosafa tournament after appointing Mamie Kasaona as Brave Gladiators’ Cosafa Head Coach.

Kasaona is not new to the women’s football world as she is herself a former Gladiators’ player and team captain.

New Boss: Brave Gladiators announced that Mamie Kasaona will coach the team for the COSAFA Women’s tournament. Photo Aili Iilonga

During a press conference held today in Windhoek, Kasaona said that she is ready to take on the challenge and steer the ship forward ahead of the eight edition of the COSAFA Tournament that will be held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa from 31 July until 11 August.

“As a former captain, I am aware of the expectation of such a tournament, so I am ready for the challenge. I walk the walk and know what is expected of me,” she said.

Kasaona also touched on her transition from player to coach in a short span of time, saying that the she will adopt professionalism when dealing with her former teammates.

“I am not shaken when it comes to coaching my former teammates. It will just require professionalism and making sure that we go there to compete and not just to participate in the competition,” she added.

She also announced that the 30 women preparation squad kicked off with training two weeks ago.

“Zenatha (Coleman) will be my captain and Ndapewa Katuta will be the vice-captain,” she said.

The 30 women’s preparation squad is as follows:

Lydia Eixas, Melissa Matheus, Agnes Kauzuu, Rejoice Tjituere, Ndapewa Katuta, Enkali Selma, Lorraine Jossop, Lydiana Namamus, Veronica Van Wyk, Emma Naris, Lovisa Mulunga, Kamunikire Tjituka, Ivone Kooper, Twelikondjele Amukoto,Tomalina Adams, Milicent Hikuam, Zenatha Coleman, Juliana Blou, Elmarie Fredericks,Anoushcka Kordom, Asteria Angula, Eva Uulumbu, Meltret Ujamba, Lydia Nanuno, Anna-Marie Shikusho, Beverly Uueziua,Memory Ngonda,Fiola Vliete and Kylie Van Wyk.

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