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Cold weather could have caused man’s death

Cold weather could have caused man’s death

Niël Terblanché
A POST mortem examination still has to determine the actual cause of the 47-year-old Johannes Poyeya Dimbu’s death, but the possibility that the extremely cold weather experienced over large parts of Namibia on Sunday night could be blamed, is not ruled out at this stage.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, the deceased person and his friend went for drinks in a shebeen at the Spitzkoppe settlement area on Sunday evening.
“The men are co-workers on the nearby Hakkiestaan Farm. They were at the shebeen from about 17:00 till about 22:00. After they finished their drinks the men decided to walk back to the farm.”
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said that the men walked for about a kilometre back to the farm before they became tired and decided to sleep next to the road.
“When Dimbu’s friend woke up at about 07:45 on Monday morning he tried to wake the deceased person up but he did not get any response from him. The friend became suspicious and decided to back to the settlement to look for help.”
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said when the deceased person’s friend got back to the spot they were sleeping with other people who offered to help, they suspected the worst but still took him to the Usakos State Hospital where he was officially declared dead by the doctor on duty.
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said the deceased person’s body was taken to Walvis Bay Police Mortuary for post mortem examination to determine the actual cause of death. He did not rule out that the cold could have caused the victim’s death.

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