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Minor charged with murder

Minor charged with murder

Maria David
THE death of the 15-year-old Josef Uumati from Okaku during a hunting accident on Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of a ten-year-old boy on a charge of murder.
Spokesperson of the Namibian Police in the Oshana Region, Frieda Shikole, said that the incident occurred around 13:00 at Ongenga in the area of Okaku when two boys were hunting rabbits and birds.
“It is alleged that the boys went hunting rabbits in the direction of a nearby village,” said Shikole.
According to Shikole the two boys were walking shoulder to shoulder when they saw a bird landing in a shrub in front of them.
“The suspect threw a small iron rod he had in his hand as hunting tool at the bird, while at the same time the deceased boy ran forward to get closer to the bird to hit it as well. In the process he was struck by the metal rod thrown by his friend on the right side of his head,’ said Shikole.
Shikole added that Uumati was taken to Onandjokwe Hospital for emergency medical care and that he was later transferred to Oshakati Hospital. Uumati sadly succumbed to his injuries at 19:35.
Shikole said the ten-year-old boy was arrested on a charge of murder and is in police custody, while the investigation into the matter continues.

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