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Cold weather will dissipate gradually

Cold weather will dissipate gradually

Niël Terblanché
THE frosty weather experienced by many Namibians in the central and southern parts of Namibia has dissipated after the very large cold front has moved on further east over Southern Africa.
Although a second cold front is expected to make landfall later today its influence would not be felt as severely as its path will be further south over the southern tip of Africa and its worst influence will mostly touch the Western Cape in South Africa.
According to Richard Nashikaku of the Namibia Meteorological Services low temperatures are still expected over large parts of central and southern Namibia but more moderate to mild conditions can be expected over the areas where the worst cold was felt on Sunday night and Monday morning.
“From Wednesday onward the weather over the southern and central parts of the country will return to mild and moderate conditions. In the north people can expect warmer temperatures.”
Nashikaku said a phenomenon known as an Atlantic High is following the large cold front which will bring about milder temperatures.

He added that the shifting weather systems will see air moving west and down from the central highlands which will cause east weather conditions at the Namibian coast from Wednesday onward.
“Residents at the coast can expect mild to strong east wind conditions with temperatures rising to within the 30 to 35 degrees Celsius range,” Nashikaku said.
Despite the prediction for milder weather residents of Windhoek did report that the mercury again fell very low and in certain areas the minimum temperatures measured from -2 to 2 degrees Celsius.
On the farm Krumhuk the temperature fell to -6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday morning.
Mike Berridge, a South African based weather expert’s map indicates expected conditions for Tuesday. It also shows the flow of air from the central highland towards the Namibian coast which will cause east wind conditions.

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