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More than a million dollars raised for OATF

More than a million dollars raised for OATF

Maria David
Despite the economic hardship experienced in the country, the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF) has proved to be an event that will still be supported because of its popularity.
The Ongwediva Town Council managed to raise close to N$ 1.2 million during the fundraising gala dinner held in Ongwediva on Saturday.
Speaking during event, Fillemon Nakashole, Chief Executive Officer of Nored, said that the country is faced with economic downturns and severe drought, despite that he appeals to participation to contribute towards this noble and worthwhile initiative.

Pictured: Fillemon Nakashole, Chief Executive Officer of Nored, – Photo: File

“The competitiveness of an economy is not only a result of improved infrastructure and administrative reforms, but it is heavily dependent on the innovativeness of the business community,” said Nakashole.
According to Nakashole, Namibia is a net exporter of capital due to lack of investment opportunities. In order to mitigate the untenable state of affairs he urged people to help local Namibians to acquire skills through economic cooperation and transaction, as it will help boost the Namibian economy and accelerate job creation in the society.
John Ekongo, Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager at MTC, said it is conventional knowledge that the OATF is arguably one of the biggest exhibition in the country and its positive economic impact utterly presents an aspect worth acknowledging.
“OATF has in the past and is today in our view, the trailblazer and imitable fair, a catalyst for new business development, employment, wealth creation and business innovations,” said Ekongo, adding that it is precisely due to the status quo that MTC, for the past 15 years, continued to recognize how essential the OATF is, to both regional and national economic development in the country.
With MTC as the main sponsor, Ekongo noted that they value their partnership with the OATF and profoundly believe that corporate cooperation based on consensual basis and mutual benefits for both parties will continue to unlock platforms for business opportunities and national economic growth.
This year OATF will be held under the theme, ‘Fostering economic growth through innovation’ and is expected to run from 23- 31 August.

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