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Oshikoto records decrease in HIV cases

Oshikoto records decrease in HIV cases

Maria David
THE Governor of Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi, said a total of 68 295 people were tested for HIV, 6 833 with only 10 percent tested positive while 66 462 has tested negative.
Kankoshi made the remarks during his State of the Region Address held on Friday, saying 95 percent of HIV exposed children tested negative for HIV.
According to Kankoshi, primary health care outreach points in the Region provide Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART’s) on a monthly basis.
Kankoshi noted that about 95 percent of children under the age of 1 have been vaccinated against preventable childhood illnesses while 80 percent of women have delivered in hospital.
Meanwhile, Malaria cases have reduced by 69 percent from 1099 in 2017 to 337 in 2018.
“Unfortunately deaths due to malaria have increased from 2 to 5 during the period under review,” said Kankoshi.
Furthermore, he said that TB treatment success rate is at 82 percent and no priority diseases such as Measles, Polio, Meningococcal Meningitis and others were reported.
However, 123 cases of Hepatitis E were reported, of which 68 have tested positive. “The situation appears to be under control; as only few sporadic cases are being reported,” added Kankoshi.
Kankoshi, also express dismay over challenges faced in the region through health Service delivery.
“Ministry of Health and Social Services buildings are dilapidated due to lack of funds to carry out maintenance and inadequate budget allocation is affecting delivery of effective healthcare services and timely completion of capital projects,” he said.
He added that the Ministry has a shortage of vehicles in running condition in order to carry out activities such as outreach services and follow up of TB cases and conduct malaria and hepatitis E investigations.

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