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Operation Fix Namibia

Operation Fix Namibia

I think it is just fair as Namibians that we can’t leave the responsibility of creative thinking to only a few in Namibia. We have a collective responsibility to grow the economy, sport, culture and politics together mo’ Namibia.
Now you klomp ‘orige’ mense out there are probably wondering now hoeka what the hell is this moegoe talking about!? You see, this past week there was an announcement that the current operations by the NDF called “Operation Kalahari Desert” is coming to an end.
The media and the general public have been quite up in arms as to what happened with the tragic shooting of the Zimbabwean taxi driver Fambauone Black during one of those operations.
Now before this tragic incident, we had “Operation Hornkranz” which was plagued by allegations of human rights abuses. The number of push-ups and squat jumps or ‘burpees’ you had to do while still high on Zamalek (black label beer) dis nie grappe nie mense.
Meanwhile, die Boere by Bendehuis are having a ball of a time. “Ja nee Neville, se daai Wamboe boeties van jou… its best that they patrol there in Katutura, want ons Boere gaan hulle op bliksem hierso!”
Now, I have no idea why, why we changed the operation from Hornkranz to Kalahari Desert. I can only speculate that after every set of controversy they decide there’s too much negative publicity around the name of the operation they sommer decide to change it into a new one! Now since we had Hornkranz and Kalahari Desert, I think it is just fair as a fellow Namibian that we pool our creative juices together and come up with new names for the NDF to use for upcoming campaigns.
Operation Skeleton Coast – Ja, takamisa asseblief! Read the base word (skeleton) slowly. We will not just moer you, we will drive down to Windpomp 14 with your body… and leave it somewhere where nobody will find you!
Operation Kiriata – This is the name of the father of the current Miss Namibia. If anyone owes you money, call the NDF… they will moer an apology and confession out of them!
Operation Namandje – This name sends shivers down the spine of anyone who accuse you of anything they don’t have proof of. Preferably the NDF won’t come to his house, a letter to warn you of your future conduct will suffice!
Lets all work together here as Namibians, we need to help Comrade Ndeitunga, let us share more creative operations names… 2020 is veeery far. Mbye mbye!

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