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NUNW condemns Erindi sale

NUNW condemns Erindi sale

Zorena Jantze
The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) has condemned the sale of Erindi, Namibia’s largest private game reserve, to Mexican Billionaire, Alberto Baillères, stating that government’s willingness to do so, is in direct contravention of the 2nd National Land Conference which resolved that no land should be sold to foreigners and that relevant laws be amended to effect the people’s resolution.
Speaking at the press conference, on Friday afternoon, Secretary General of NUNW Job Muniaro said that the union is flabbergasted by the decision of Cabinet to sell Erindi Game Farm to a foreign national.
“While this matter is before the Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) for consideration, the NUNW is strongly against the receiving of this investor at State House by the President,” Muniaro said.
The NUNW Secretary General further noted that the receiving of this so called foreign investor to State House is tantamount to exerting an undue pressure on the Commission.

Pictured: Secretary General of NUNW Job Muniaro. Photo Contributed

“Furthermore, the reception of this foreign investor at Statehouse by the President is contrary to the assurance he gave the Namibian people during his keynote address on the 26th Independence Anniversary,” Muniaro said.
In his key note address, the president announced that business persons and entrepreneurs inside and from outside the country should not engage him personally in business deals and that business persons should adhere to the policy of approaching the respective line Ministries.
“NUNW is thus left dumbfounded by the open self-contradiction by our Head of State when dealing with business persons,” Muniaro said.
He further added that the workers union is intensely disturbed by selective interpretation of the property rights contained in the Namibian constitution and the waiver apparently given to sell the land to a foreigner within such selective context, despite such having been overruled by the National Land Conference resolution.
“Irrespective of the progress made on this alienated deal at the expense of Namibians, we have a strategy in place, for Erindi farm to be owned by Namibians at the same cost, notwithstanding political pressure and due influence to the contrary. Therefore, our call is that, this deal must be stopped and cancelled so that the land on sale be acquired by Namibians,” Muniaro demanded.
He added that Namibians have not given any mandate whatsoever to Cabinet to sell their land to a foreigner and Equally, the SWAPO party election Manifesto did not give SWAPO-led government the mandate to sell our land to foreigners.
“In this regard, Cabinet members have breached their oath of office by acting contrary to their mandate and oath of office. Therefore we are calling upon all patriotic Namibians to condemn and reject this transaction” Muniaro said.

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