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Ndawana is back with a bang

Ndawana is back with a bang

Maria David
RETURNING to the music industry after years of inactivity is a serious challenge to rising stars in Namibia but the 26-year-old Namibian Afro Pop singer, Immanuel Ame-ondawanapo, better known as Ndawana, broke all odds when he achieved just that.

Pictured: Afro Pop singer Ndawana. Photo: Contributed

Ndawana left the industry some five years ago but is now back with a bang with his much anticipated album titled Sound Of My Drums.
Ndawana’s name sky rocketed in 2015 after winning the award for Best Upcoming Afro Pop Artist in a competition known as African Upcoming Musician Awards which was held in Abuja, Nigeria with his song Ondjila Oile. In the same year he was nominated for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).
“For my new album, I am already receiving high numbers of views on YouTube since it is one of the most simple and beautiful videos in Namibia released this year when compared to some of the other artists in the industry,” he said.
Although he did not release any albums since 2015, Ndawana has been a very active stage performer at almost at all the big events in Namibia including the just ended Totem Expo in Oshakati.
Ndawana has been working on something powerful and unique that he is ready to throw to his hungry fans the first week of July 2019,
The artist is also expected to have a road show soon in some parts of the country in order to market and promote his new album.

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