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THERE is no better example than Gabriella Lubowski to remind Namibians that a pig always returns to roll in its old mud and muck hole.
The truth can at times be painful, but for too long Gabrielle Lubowski has gotten away with acting like the grieving widow of the slain Swapo activist, Advocate Anton Lubowski, which she is not. She was not even in his life or in the same country at the time of his death.
She left Namibia January 1989 for Cape Town, choosing to work on a project “my marriage” after in her own words: “I found out that Anton was having yet another affair with a young attorney Michaela Clayton. At first I was utterly devastated and all I could think of was to take my own life or start drinking”, according to her book with the title ‘On Solid Ground’. What is even more disgusting is that her marriage and infidelity problems in her own book are contained in a chapter ‘The struggle for Namibia’s freedom’, of which she also can claim no credit as she was a refugee in Cape Town enjoying all the great benefits of apartheid until 1994 when Nelson Mandela was freed.

We now know that Gabby Lubowski did not commit suicide and after her unexpected tirade must now presume that she chose drinking.
Gabby Lubowski had until today to apologise for her Whatsapp slander or she will be sued for defamation, but for Namibians an apology will not be enough as they are not as generous as the President, Dr. Hage Geingob, who turns the other cheek every time. In fact, Dr. Geingob should sue everyone, who despite the Namandje’s warning, decided to distribute the defamation further.
Of all her claims and innuendos against the person of Dr. Geingob, nothing matches her insult of the Namibian nation which she can only launch as a refugee in the luxury of the affluent neighbourhoods at the foot of Table Mountain.
The Gabby Lubowski circus has reached its sell by date and if anyone wanted to betray Anton Lubowski, they could not have done a more effective job than his wife.
It is ironic that in her book she also did not want to deal with attorneys in her divorce case and now also says she did not want to deal with attorneys after she insulted every Namibian.
It is sad that she was not at her home when Lubowski was shot, but that Michaela Clayton, his mistress, was at the time.
Gabby Lubowski should vent her anger at the right address. The President of Namibia has many talents, but he is not a therapist or a marriage councillor…

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