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More boreholes needed at Okashana

More boreholes needed at Okashana

Pictured: Oshana governor Elia Irimari. Photo: Contributed

Maria David
THE Oshana governor Elia Irimari has called on the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to drill boreholes at Okashana inside Etosha National Park for the animals.
Irimari made the call during his State of the Region Address (SORA) earlier this week.
“MET needs to supply wild animals with water and prevent them from seeking water outside the park,” said Irimari.
According to him, constant monitoring by MET teams and rehabilitation of Etosha fence is essential, as there are a number of human-wild life conflict situations such as lions and hyenas which continues to attack livestock.
Approached for comment, the Environment Ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda said that they don’t have water in their parks, but as a result of drought animals go out mostly to find better grazing areas.
He, however admitted that the rehabilitating of the Etosha fence is progressing very slow due to lack of funds.
“We have had to reassess the design of the fence to make it affordable and also be able to cover a long distance to ensure that the animals are kept in the park,” said Muyunda.

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