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NSSU banned from international travels

NSSU banned from international travels

Aili Iilonga

THE Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service has placed a moratorium on all international sporting activities under the Namibia Schools Sport Union due to the unavailability of funds.

The ministry’s Executive Director, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, in a letter sent to the NSSU Programme Director Solly Duiker, said that the ministry does not have the necessary funds available for sporting activities.

CAHS STRAPPED: The NSSU has been banned from taking part in international sporting activities by Sports Ministry due to the unavailability of funds. Photos: Contributed

“As you are aware, financial constraints have been hampering the implementation of various sport programmes. In recognition of this reality, you are hereby informed that there are no funds available for sport activities until further notice. Be informed that all international sports activities under the NSSU will be grounded until further notice,” she said.

Kantema-Gaomas also said that the NSSU should rather focus on implementing school league systems at a regional level that will not been implicated by the ban.

“The NSSU is directed to implement school league systems in circuits, clusters, constituencies and regions which have limited or no transport implications, with immediate effect,” she stated.

She further made it known that the NSSU should do away with any trial systems for teams selections and to source for sponsorships or alternative funding for the upcoming COSSASA games.

Namibia Sport Commission Chief Administrator, Freddy Mwiya, yesterday said that the ban does not stop individuals who have necessary funds from taking part in international sporting activities.

“There is no money for now for international activities under NSSU, however, that should not stop certain individuals who have the necessary funds from taking part in competitions on their own expense ,” Mwiya said.


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