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MTC launches national internship program

MTC launches national internship program

Aili Iilonga
MINISTER of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr. Itah Kandji-Murangi has called for dedication and perseverance from students that will benefit from the first ever MTC Namibia National Internship program that was recently launched in Windhoek.

Pictured: MTC launched the first National Internship program. – Photo: Aili Iilonga

Kandji-Murangi described the program as Namibia’s first national revolution for education internships that will see 160 students gaining experiences in different sectors of life.
“This program is a deliberate effort by MTC to open graduates access real work integrated learning. Despite graduates’ determination, commitment, honesty and their unstoppable desire to work, more often than not, doors are shut in their faces for lack of requisite exposure, experience and internship. Indeed, partnerships like this one make MTC and partners significant stakeholders in Namibia’s human capital development,” Kandji-Murangi said.
The internship program is a three-year long initiative that will accommodate 160 interns per year from NUST, UNAM, NIMT and VTCs placed at various public and private institutions. MTC will pay an allowance of N$3000 per student over a period of 3 months, and where a student requires six months internship, an amount of N$1500 will be paid.
Close to 25 organizations have pledged to take on the 160 students such as MVA Fund, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Poverty Eradication, and Office of the Judiciary amongst others.
At the launch, MTC’s Board Chairperson Elvis Nashilongo echoed the sentiments of students who are often turned away by employers due to a lack of experience.
“We call on employers to drop the mantra of demanding work experience from interns. No one was born with experience and such a practice impedes development and social progress,” said Nashilongo.

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