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Wine thief succumbs to knife wound

Wine thief succumbs to knife wound

Niel Terblanche
THE 22-year-old Henry Henrico /Goagoseb died in the streets of the Mondesa neighbourhood of Swakopmund after he was stabbed for stealing another man’s bottle of wine.
According to the official police report about the murder, the incident occurred on Saturday evening at around 22:40 when /Goagoseb and his friend, the 20-year-old Lovita Xoagub, were walking from the Shinedima Bar to Hero’s Bar.

Pictured: The 22-year-old Romario Giberto Ruiters, whose lifeless body was discovered by members of the police, in Windhoek. Photo: Contributed

“It is alleged that the deceased and his friend came across two men, who were sitting on the pavement near Hero’s Bar with their bottle of Monis Granada. /Goagoseb and Xoagub asked the two men sitting next to the street for a drink from the bottle of wine.”
According to the report the owner of the wine refused and unbeknownst to the victim and his friend took out a knife.
“When /Goagoseb grabbed the wine bottle to run away with it, the one man stabbed him with the knife. The deceased person still attempted to run away but fell to the ground after taking a few steps.”
Meanwhile Xoagub ran in a different direction and when he later returned to the spot where the altercation occurred, he was informed that his friend was taken to the Swakopmund State Hospital.
Xoagub went looking for his friend at the hospital but he was informed that /Goagoseb had succumbed to the stab wound.
Members of the Erongo Police investigating the matter arrested the 30-year-old Crosley Swartbooi on Sunday morning in connection with the alleged murder of the wine thief.
In another incident in Windhoek early on Sunday morning the lifeless body of the 22-year-old Romario Giberto Ruiters was found along the side of Moses Garoeb Street just few meters from the turn off to the Pionier Boy’s School.
According to the crime report the body was discovered by members of the Very Important Person Protection Division of the Namibian Police who were going off duty and were driving along the street.
“Ruiters’s body had a bruise on the forehead and another on the chest. He was last seen on Saturday the 15 June 2019 at around 22:00 when he went to change his clothes at home.”
According to the report the remains have been arraigned for a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

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