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Inside Out

Inside Out

Now marriage is the one thing that we all must go through, good or bad. I think we all must experience the good and bad what it is to feel like conquering the world for the next generation but can’t believe you married this dumb looking idiot the next day as he lies in bed next to you.
I had a chat with a lady this past week that is on the verge of joining this prestigious club. “Neville, I am so happy that me and Peter finally going to walk down that isle. Og man, it took him long enough to pop the question, I really thought I would stay an oujongnooi for the rest of my normal life… sowaar ek sou hom gelos het die Vader weet ook!”
I congratulated her because the odds stacked against any woman lately in Namibia is high. Women outnumber men 1-5 in Namibia, so it’s not sommer so maklik to get a man just for yourself… the people shall share mos LOL!
Now being happy for her I asked her the one defining question that I guess we are all faced with before we tie the knot. “So, my suster, what have you guys decided… binne of buite?” What do you mean Neville, binne of buite? Of course, we will get married in community of property gons is jy mal?”
But why my sista, why? Do you understand the danger of getting married in community of property? “Neville, I love Peter very much but he is highly irresponsible with money die Vader weet ook! If we would marry outside (ANC) he would bankrupt us because he buys stuff left, right and center. If we are married inside at least he would need my approval for things to buy!
Wow, interesting take form her side. Let’s look at both scenarios.
Binne kant – If you marry in community of Property his ITC Listing becomes your emotional baggage! If you marry inside, be sure that her mother, his brother… ooms , anties , neefs en niggies becomes your defacto responsibilities! Binnekant also means you can’t go to Bendehuis, Melktert or 067 Bar without her, sy wil saam gaan!
Inside mean that she will make you feel guilty if she doesn’t have your cellphone PIN code! Inside means that if her mother comes to visit for 6 weeks, you can’t leave the house!
Penje – If you marry penje you can go to Sunday Sessions alone! If you marry penje, spend half your salary at Miladys clothes, hy kan f*kol se nie!
Penje allows you to swipe your credit card in Rivonia Road in Jozi , and you don’t have to show Mevrou any slippies!
But outside also means that if you do on your own without any say from your spouse it might leave your family outside in the cold, due to bad financial decisions.
So mense, if you are not married yet, the choice is yours… binnekant of buitekant… it’s not an easy decision. Go to Legal Shield , they have some capable lawyers to help you with your decision, sommer fill in a divorce claim form in there… sign it after 5 years when you come back . Mbye mbye!

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