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Pastor accused of incest rearrested

Pastor accused of incest rearrested

Niël Terblanché

A PASTOR of the poverty stricken Vyf-Rand squatter camp, who was freed on bail earlier in May on charges of incest and rape, was re-arrested after he violated his bail conditions.

The pastor was initially arrested by the Okahandja Police earlier on charges that he raped and impregnated his daughter, who was also arrested for concealment of birth and remained in custody, while her father and alleged rapist was successful with a bail application.

Pictured: Community members protesting outside the court building against bail being granted to the pastor. Photos: Contributed

Although his case is publicly documented, the suspect cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter, a rape victim.

This morning, members of the Okahandja community gathered in front of the town’s Magistrate’s Court to protest against the possibility of bail being granted to the suspect.

The pastor, who was set free on bail of N$5 000 in the second week of May on charges of rape and incest, was rearrested on Monday after he violated his bail conditions by interfering with the victim, his daughter.

The pastor was taken into custody on an arrest warrant issued on request from the public prosecutor on Monday after the 30-year-old victim, who was incarcerated in the Okahandja police cells until 3 June, complained that she was again being harassed by her father.

The victim was arrested on 28 April after she allegedly aborted a baby fathered by her father. At the time, she identified her own father as the culprit and the pastor was also taken into custody on charges of rape and incest.

About two weeks after his initial arrest, the pastor applied formally for bail and was set free after his daughter, who was still in custody at the time, did not oppose the notion of her father being free on bail.

On 3 June, the victim appeared in court again and was set free on warning to appear again on 28 June.

The suspect, during his latest appearance on Tuesday morning, was remanded in custody until 18 July. He, however, indicated that he intends to bring a second formal bail application to court on Friday, 14 June.

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