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Woman caught with illegal abortion tablets

Woman caught with illegal abortion tablets

Photo: For illustrative purposes only

Maria David
THE Namibian Police in Oshana Region has arrested a 35-year-old woman in possession of Cytotec abortion tablets Friday afternoon.
Abortion is illegal in Namibia and according to NamPol spokesperson Warrant Officer Frieda Shikole, the suspect was arrested under Sec 10 (1) a) of Act 48/1982 of the Administering and Procuring Abortion by dealing in the illicit tablets.
“The woman was arrested during a police search, whereby 27 Cytotec abortion tablets were found inside her room under a carpet. The tablets are valued at N$13 500,” Shikole said.
She added that the suspect is detained at Oshakati holding cells and is expected to make her first court appearance later this week in front of the Oshakati magistrate.
Police investigation into the matter continues.

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